Professionnal Ouutfitting

A new organisation for

your utilitary vans

Work differently !

Whatever your trade, we will always have a solution to make your job easier. A tidy vehicle saves time every day, which usually pays for itself in less than three months. As for the image of trust given to your customers, it is priceless !

The solution if you plan to use both your van for your daily work but also to use it for your holidays. The highlight is the convertible layout.

C2 Xplore is a reseller and installer of the modules Work System and has the ability to provide you with tailor-made solutions to meet your needs. Why Worksystem? Warranty, after-sales service, and validation during crash tests are some of the many strong points !

Not having to think about recharging your tools when returning from a construction site, not risking forgetting them in the morning... But also having the possibility of supplying your tools with 220/230 whatever the place. Tell us about your difficulties, we will have the solutions !

Do you have to intervene in repairs on construction sites? Or on vehicles? Our solutions will suit you !

Optimize the space for your tools, even in vehicles not designed for them! Let's study this together.