A new shell for

your toys

transport differently !

Could you imagine a trailer that is a complete basecamp ? With possibility to fit a roof-top-tent to sleep on your favorite spots, also with corresponding awnings and annexes, to avoid rain or even sun ?

Motorbikes, ATVs, or even your personnal watercraft if your want! Whatevers your toys, you can hold them. Fixing points, wheel holders, detachable rear fender, everything ready to be adapted.

With all possible equipement and options, adapt ManDrill to your needs. Add a workshop servant on the front plateform, and ManDrill will be ready for your competitions. Front bike holder ? You'll have everything for your world tour !

Independant suspensed wheels, high clearance, you can really go offgrid. Hot galvanised chassis, full aluminium structure, with powder coating, don't even hesitate to put it under water !

Offroad toy holder specifications : ManDrill