Vagabond Home

A new comfort for

your escapades

Sleep peacefully !

The Vagabond Home tent is the first truly 4-season tent thanks to its double-layer walls which will provide you with great thermal comfort. This also prevents condensation in humid weather and guarantees complete absence of leaks in pouring rain.

Comfortable mattress, anti-condensation underlay, lifting backrest are all elements that will allow you to feel in a real cocoon, even in less clement weather. Everything is designed for your comfort.

No more hassle when closing the tent thanks to the multi-position locking system. Close the roof almost to its down position, lock, put the canvas inside, and close completely. It's that easy!

Designed for the simplest and yet most cozy use possible!

The highest point of the Vagabond Home roof tent is located at the front. When open, the front part gives more height than a traditional wrap tent. This gives it both the advantages of pop-up and wallet tents without their disadvantages.

Even the tallest will be welcome with its large interior length of 2m20 and its highest point at 1m50. And if you're not that tall, you'll have the advantage of being able to take your stuff with you!

The ventilation pockets on the outer fabric layer can be opened or closed depending on the weather conditions. Additionally, both fabric layers (inner and outer) are attached with Velcro and can therefore also be easily removed for cleaning.

With its airplane wing shape designed to reduce drag forces, fuel consumption linked to the addition of the roof tent is reduced.

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