Discover Sapajus

A new alternative for

your OFF-Road trips

Just the necessary !

Both light and robust, Sapajus is tailor-made for the majority of pick-ups. With a weight of only 230kgs, you can always venture off the beaten track.

Whether for a bivouac or for transport, you will still be able to use the full width of your pick-up bed.

With its 3 large openings, you will never have the impression of being closed in, and will always have this feeling of total reconnection with nature.

In case of bad weather, set up a sheltered cooking/dining area.

The bed transforms into a comfortable seat in the upper part and allows you to gain interior volume. This interior can therefore be configured as you wish, or we can do it for you if you wish.

With soft bags accessible from both inside and outside, developed especially for our doors, you can increase your load capacity.

With our removable and repositionable “soft” standard plates, configure your interior and exterior as you wish.

The ducts provided throughout the structure allow cables and pipes to pass through... to maintain a clean visual appearance.

Specification Sapajus camper: Sapajus