Private Outfitting

Made to measure for

your journeys

Travel freely !

Just need an escape ? Outfitting to transport your gear ? A mix of the 2 ? Here, no standard solutions, only made to measure, just for you !

Whatever your vehicle, we are able to propose you a full camper that fits your needs. For a pick-up, or a truck, entrust us your project !

From any specification, even light, we could study your need and put it on 3D, to discuss details and then supply you a perfect realisation. Exemple shown here with a truck-bed topper in developpement.

Whatever your need, from a light to a full modification, it will be studied with care.

With a high engineering knowledge, we can propose the package tht fits your needs, from "simple" charge station, to a full robust electrical installation that will allow you to perfrom you world tour confortably. To secure this, we use only reliable, robust and proving equipments

We work with the highest brands. Choice will be made regarding available energy on-board (fuel / gaz / electricity) and with your future destination in mind.

Based on your needs, we can install hot water, cold water, grey or clean water tanks, filtration, and even UV treatment in oder to take water wherever you are.

Gaz tank, or even refillable LPG tanks, our installations are certified by an independant company (Qualigaz) to keep free your mind

If you don't know what you need to go around the globe ? Or if you've got the idea, but no time or competencies ? we can do it !

Our outfitting experience guaranty you a full certification of your vehicle