Our history

Who are we ?

C2 Xplore is first of all love at first sight of 2 travelers practicing sports that many would qualify as extreme (diving, caving, cave diving, climbing, white water kayaking, etc.).

It is also the experience of a hike spent in the rain for 3 days in the Cantal with the children, to set up / take down the tents, making food while being soaked, which made us want a little more of comfort.

Finally, it was our dismissal of a major American automotive supplier who relocates our plant to Hungary that decided us to launch our first camper, this autonomous bivouac unit, called PonGo!

We will therefore not surprise you by saying that we are both nature and travel lovers, nourished by a certain idea of ecology and strong social values.

Our blue monkey

Guided by innovation and small spaces to explore the great outdoors !

Ham & Enos: These are the first 2 monkeys to have been in space :
- Ham : first suborbital flight
- Enos : first orbital flight around the earth

Our stylized monkey in the center of our logo is a tribute to these 2 primates who were the precursors of the space adventure. That's the reason why all our proprietary models are named from scientific monkeys species.